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Town Council  
Adress: Sant Crist˛fol, 2
ZIP Code: 43765
Telephone: 977 61 14 54
Fax: 977 61 11 59
Mayor: Eudald Roca GrÓcia
Secretary: A. Sas Canadell
The last population census counted 1363 inhabitants. This number surpasses the 763 and 719 inhabitants in 1980 and 1960 respectively. This growth started thanks to the urban development in the eighties, mostly located in La Secuita. The total amount, though, has not changed much is relation to the census in 1940.

Before that, a census in 1867 counted 990 inhabitants and another one in 1920 gave a result on 1069 people living in the municipal township.

The most important change in relation to the first half of this century is the different distribution of the population inn the four villages that shape the municipality: in 1940, La Secuita had 475 inhabitant, L'Argilaga 234, Vistabella 167 and Les Gunyoles 85. But nowadays La Secuita, with 800 inhabitants, highly surpasses the nearly 100 inhabitants in L'Argilaga and Vistabella and 40 in Les Gunyoles.

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