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Geographical location Economical activities
Geographical location

The municipality of La Secuita is located in the northern part of el Tarragonès. The township takes up 17'6 km2 and has an average altitude of 176 meters above sea level. La Secuita borders with the towns of el Catllar, Renau, Perafort and Els Pallaresos (all located in el Tarragonès), and also with Nulles, Vallmoll and Els Garidells (located in l'Alt Camp). Our town is 11km away from Tarragona and 10km away from Valls (two of the largest cities in the area). There is no remarkable geographic unevenness, only a few smooth ups and downs break this flat lands. The territory is drained by the torrents of El Bogatell and de Renau.

The chief crop is the vine that takes up more than half the cultivated land, this growing gave place to the foundation the two co-operative cellars in the municipality (one in La Secuita and one in l'Argilaga).

Hazelnut, carob and olive, in this order of importance, follow the growing of vineyards.

The most important means of communication that go through town are the national road N-240 (from Tarragona to Leida) and the road TP-2031 (from Tarragona to el Pont d'Armentera). The old railway Saragossa-Reus-Barcelona that nowadays has practically fallen into desuse.

Economical activities

With the population growth in the last years, the retail stores and the restauration sector have enjoyed a positive push.

La Secuita counts with a pharmacy, a supermarket, a grocery store, a bakery, a butcher's shop, a haberdasher's shop five bars, one restaurant and a music club. L'Argilaga has two grocery stores and a butcher's shop. Other commercial establishments are: two car service stations (one in La Secuita and one in Les Gunyoles), a carpenter's shop in L'Argilaga and another one in one that is also a furniture store in Vistabella, and finally a branch office of a savings bank in La Secuita.


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